I have seen so many comments on these two post's subject matter that I would have to say: "run some experiments". Each film responds to each developer in a different manner. Each built in feature is described in the press by each company in a different manner.

So, lets just take the case of a film with very coarse grains but with very large edge effects. Is it very sharp or very grainy or is it to be described in another fashion? Each person here on APUG would probably evaluate the film in their own special brew and then "name" the film's features after what they find with their ever so precise (subjective or objective - which do you think is done more often?) tests.

I have not been involved in direct tests on an actual film for years. Remember, I did see emulsion tests which in my later 15 years at EK but for the first 15 years, I did a lot of film tests. These differ as the raw emulsion lacks many of the refinements that the final product does. So, when I tested a film, it had everything, but when I tested an emulsion, it lacked the acutance dyes and many other addenda used in a real product. We made something close to 2000 emulsion of different types every year in KRL, and they could not all be tested in a product environment. In fact, some were designed to be just components of a product and not the whole thing.

However, one raw emulsion can still be tested against another raw emulsion and the results can be fair in their assessment.

That said, if an emulsion was earmarked for greater things it was given the battery of tests that I outlined above involving slit light and Xray exposures and a lot more.