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Thank, I have read the manual but unsure if newer graded paper , foam contact speed in fact could be put in the same box as old ilforspeed. Also want to use it to pre flash ilford direct positive paper
Do you mean Foma contact paper? That might be too slow for use under an enlarger, but possible I suppose. Contact papers are usually slow, chloride emulsions suitable for daylight printing. You can put it into an old Ilfospeed box if you want to, but be careful you don't mistake it for old Ilfospeed...

At my university I tried printing Grade 2 Ilfospeed Galerie on the De Vere 504s fitted with Ilford 500 heads; even without a grade filter engaged I found the results rather lacking in contrast for my taste. YMMV.

Your enlarger should be fine for pre-flashing paper.