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I used to mix a scratch batch of this warm tone developer for use with Ektalure. It gave very nice warm brown tones that turned a beautiful cool chocolate tone when toned in selenium. Yes, I know part of the equation is Ektalure, and Ilford warm tone paper is not as warm. Worth a try.

GAF 135 Warm Tone Paper Developer

Water: 750ml
Metol: 1.6g
Sodium Sulfite, dessicated: 24g
Hydroquinone: 6.6g
Sodium Carbonate, monohydrated: 24g
Potassium Bromide: 2.8g*
water to make: 1.0 liter total volume.

Dilute 1:1 with water, develop 2-3 minutes at 68 degrees F. Dilute more for less contrast.

*For warmer tone, Potassium Bromide may be increased up to 5.6 g/l. Do not exceed 5.6 g/liter.

I usually used it at 5g/l of KBR.

I think this formula came from the old Photo-Lab Index.
For years I used this exact GAF 135 formula, as stated with a max of 5g. of Kbr.

Searching for more warmth, I discovered the following formula, a close brother to the above, however, definitely a warmer version. GAF 125 Developer, copied and pasted from my working notes.

stored @ a 1/1 mixture w / H2O
add 1 more H2O for 2/1 working mix
part water & part used Dev.

mix Sulfite prior to Hydro & Sodium Carb

Water @ 1200. 2000 ml
Metol 36 g
Sodium Sulfite 528 g
Hydroquinone . 144 g
Sodium Carbonate . 780 g
Pot Bromide (Kbr) 24 g

Water to make . 12000 ml

As stated somewhere in this thread, for more warmth try substituting Pot. Carbonate for Sod. Carbonate, I did and saw no significant gain in warmth and a substantially slower acting developer as a result.