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Hi all,
Anyway, I'm considering selling my old Super 23, but have no idea what it's worth, I couldn't ind many on eBay to compare it with. It's in good 'used' condition, it was a working camera, so it's got bras sing all over (black model), which personally I have liked, it makes it an interesting show piece as well as a fun user. Bellows are good as new, 6x7 back is clean and light tight, 100mm 3.5 lens needs a good clean, but no fungus, shutter is spot on all round and aperture blades move smoothly...
I've been looking at getting a Uni Press for a little while now, and have seen plenty of 23s for sale. The Universal Presses are popular and fetching decent prices these days as MF polaroid bodies, but because you can't fit a pola back to the Super 23s... they aren't worth anywhere near as much.

Here is one for sale right now, $267 AUD

Depending on condition, it might be worth $300. Maybe $350.

To be honest, I'd be keeping it. It's utility far outweighs the small amount of money you might receive.