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I don't think the Pentax 67 is awkward at all to hold at eye level. Heavy with a 105/2.4, to be sure...but not awkward. I have large hands, so it fits me more like a 35mm fits most average sized hands.

Just picked up a Hassy and it's alright. I haven't warmed to it like I did the Pentax, which happened almost instantly. Shutter isn't loud enough, at least that's my first guess at what is wrong.

The Pentax 67, by size alone, is very awkward to hold amongst people with small hands and/or chubby fingers (I know some who use an overside soft-shutter release button), and there are millions of such people. It certainly has a loud enough shutter/mirror whack, but you can get around the noise by getting a MUP body, which "spaces out" the noise. I had the chance to use a Hasselblad 500CM many years ago, when my hands were even smaller; it was unsatisfactory for me at the time; now though such a body fits me quite nicely, only that the format is something I would get tired of. Horses for courses...