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Is there idiots who pay this amount of money to an japanese camera ?

Only I say if american president invites you to a ball at whitehouse , you must spend to suit and codes and traditions.

That mcurry ran to india to shoot another poor indian villager photograph. And americans felt and prayed to their state how advanced and rich they are. This poor man photography of national geographic stinks.
His Indians doesnt seem to escape from 1920s New Yorker magazine covers Their teeths are worse than a donkey. He doesnt need to posterize that. Their a anonym here saying he does not touch soap and water means he doesnt touch the his countries sensitive subjects. When he is in america , he founds de niro interesting , nothing else and he runs to india to Show old men teeths to the World. Asshole.
Thanks to the Japanese and the Germans, the people in your country aren't at the ape stage anymore. Without them you'd still be walking without shoes and photography would mean to carve rocks with sticks in a cave. Without a the advanced countries, mustafa, I'm not even sure you'd know what it means to brush teeth. No, really.