Stop stop stop!
Since we’ve gone a little bit too far, on my opinion, from my original post, just 2 lines to recap:
- I’ve met Steve McCurry at the inauguration of his exhibition in Siena, here in Tuscany where I live.
- I had the opportunity of a brief interview for a local magazine I work for.
- For my curiosity I added some questions about film photography: he told me what you can read, that he doesn’t use film anymore.
When I heard that, I thought it was news, but not for everybody (in fact I didn’t write about that in the article for the ‘general’ magazine), but especially for a community of film lovers like APUG.
So, I didn’t have any particular intention but to inform you that a famous photographer (no doubt about that, and not only in the USA: I saw a crowd of Italian students around him begging for an autograph) after many years has decided not to use film anymore.
That’s a fact and I couldn’t have my head in the sand (I’ve read that “threads like this... ”) and I decided to inform you. Many comments that I’ve read have gone far beyond, in the field of the ‘clash of civilizations’, I’d say, and this wasn’t of course my intention. I repeat it: I just wanted to inform you. Plain and simple. At this point, everyone can make his choice. For example, that doesn’t impress me much and I will continue shooting film (my fridge is full of film, I use my film cameras of every format every time that I go out) and always will. Of course, I think that having a famous testimonial (like McCurry could be) would be a good thing for the diffusion of analog photography love. But we’ll found others, no doubt.
Good light (and good film!) to everybody!