My apologies go to the Minox-lovers but I was nothing but disappointed by the lens as well as the camera.

I had a Minox 35MB and gave a 35AL to my girlfriend. The MB saw the workshop twice within 2 years, the AL stopped working after 2 years of little use and was never repaired because it wasn't worth it in my girflriends view. The lenses were ok but nothing to write home about (lots of flare, otherwise close to amateur-level prime lenses). Besides the flare issue I always thought it was fine and used it a lot untill I got myself a Rollei 35se with 40mm Sonnar. The difference in rendition of fine detail and color was astonishing as was the Rolleis resistance to flare. In my limited experience there is simply no contest between both lenses and the Minox 35 *way* overrated.