I'm kind of speechless at how nasty this thread has turned out....my god folks...really?

Other people read this stuff, it's not hidden in a members only section like I really think it ought to be and it makes a lot of people on here look really bad for saying things they have.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately and have been pulling stuff of the web everywhere I can. I told my wife that APUG is the only forum I will post on anymore but the resulting tone of this thread is making me strongly reconsider.

This is not moving film forward, it's the opposite and it is really bad folks, a horrible thread actually. Yesterday I had a 24 year old local who read an article about my fine art work and darkroom email me. He has been looking for a rental darkroom to print some of his work for a show so he was wondering if he could spend some time in my setup.

We talked and I am going to help him....he had never heard of APUG and with threads like this I am going to suggest he keep it that way.

Bye folks, read only from here on out!