A lot of old texts have the variety of effects in black and white, I am looking at Feiningers' now.
I fully agree that the filters are not perfect in their function, but I think we are confusing the additive and subtractive systems.
Bernard-l mentions yellow is not a primary colour but with regards to filtration of wavelengths of light that is not the point.
And a yellow filter plus a green filter is not the same as a yellow/green filter.
A filter lets through the wavelengths of light that it looks like and as a result of printing that lightened tone back down, the other tones will be slightly darker to a variety of degrees. There is imperfect spill, but
a Yellow filter prints foliage lighter to the extent that there is reflective yellow in the leaves, as can be seen in the fall. Red can do the same
As a more blunt example, a red filter and a blue filter combined do not equal a magenta filter.
Least ways, that is the way Feininger's examples look like.