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There are rare bragging rights that accrue from such an internship. Less famous photographers rely on such interns. Also, it is much cheaper for the intern than most colleges and photographic schools. After all, McCurry is seeking interns, not students for expensive workshops.
I don't think it makes the matter right, just because others do it as well. I don't want to get into it but the whole interns as free labor model is broke, the continuation of it across so many other job sectors is disgusting. It's not what it was ideally anymore, as a learning apprenticeship. I remember his posts require interns to already have all the photographic skills already, so it's just free labor with a change of staff every 3 months.

There are more discussions on other sites about his practices, if you search online, but I wont comment on it further here. This thread has gone every which way and I don't think it reflects apug as a community forum.