I stick with an old gralab 300 for film development. It drives a 555 timer circuit that chirps every 15 seconds while the gralab has time on it.
I find that once film is in the daylight tank I can read magazine articles and agitiate to the tone of the chirp.
If doing trays of large format pan film, the chirps in the darkness remind me to shuffle sheets.

I use the gralab for timing paper fixer times too, and the chirps remind me to agitate the tray.

I have a Vivitar Process Time Commander for the more complex timing sequences, like e-6 and c-41.

To actually tell the time I have a small LED alarm clock with a few pieces of Rosco ND gel filter media hung over the front of the display where it sits on a shelf.
To see the time in other than lights out you need to lift the ND out of the way.

Most of the time I tell time in the darkroom from the radio.
At midnight the classical radio station changes announcers.
I know I should go to bed then, or I will be grumpy that morning, when my wifes 6:20am alarm goes off.