I've been enjoying using my Avus 9 x 12 a lot lately. Shooting sheet film and roll film in a Suydam back. I just got 24 plates to try in it. They are long expired but very slow speed so I'm hoping not too fogged. Anyway. Do I need a developer that is hardening for glass plates? Any recommendations? I have some Original Microdol mixed up that works great that I might try. It's from the 1950s before they changed the formula. It works great with Fomapan btw.
Another thing, I scored some Zeiss film holders that were miss marked on the big auction site. One is unused in the original packaging which has a big caution printed on the front to be sure to store them without the dark slide in them so as not too compress the light trap. The first time I'd seen that. Too bad they didn't caution people to store them with moth balls eh?