1. Adjust the retard sector travel by loosening the retard gear plate screw(s) so that the retard sector will pass freely under the gear and mesh so that the sector stud is approximately 1/8 inch from the shutter case. Manual says outer edge of the sector but I have found this results in insufficient sector travel. I do not know if this is due to a misprint or not. The sector stud is opposite the press to focus button. Secure retard gear plate and verify retard sector travels smoothly by setting and tripping the shutter, the B&T levers will have to be operated manually to close the shutter.
2. Remove material from the speed ring where the retard sector stud contacts it.
3. Remove material from the speed ring where the pallet stud contacts it.
4. Clean delay gear train.
5. Reduce tension on the main drive spring.
(2-5 is the order listed in the manual)

.001 difference on the speed ring makes a big difference in speeds. Adjusting the 1 to 1/10 speeds may put the 1/25 to 1/100 speed off. Remove material from the speed ring as a last resort. The main cocking spring attach point by the B lever can be rotated on its post. The sector stud can be moved .001 to .002 either side of perpendicular if the sector travel is correct.

On the last few of these I serviced its been a tradeoff to get the speeds 1/100 and slower to be acceptable.

I am a competent tech.