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I understand your upset nature, I know when I was younger my mother remarking on the new laws about submitting film of kids in bathtubs (as mothers often do) and how she was glad she hadn't had any issues and that the law changed when I was older and she wasn't taking those any more (I was probably 11-12 then). So since then (I'm 30 now) I've been aware of the concerns in America at least. Many labs here have a policy that any nudes are printed, but the negatives are destroyed as a policy of the company, which I think is fairly f-ed up, I can see destroying the print and returning the negative with a warning. But not destroying the negs so you're lucky, all your film could have been destroyed if you were in America lol.

So since I do a lot of nude work, I process it all at home as a policy, I process my B&W anyway but the color nudes always get done at home.

I'm surprised you didn't think of that but again Australia may be different but I know for one I wouldn't have taken the chance that some idiot would report or destroy my work.

Sorry and good luck for the future, glad you stayed out of jail.

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I don't think I have ever met anyone who doesn't have a naked picture of themselves in the bathtub as a kid. WTF?! People are going crazy over PRISM which has zero impact on their lives and they allow crap like this to happen without a peep. We've got a seriously messed up set of priorities.