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She was angry with him at having to show we face and scared, but in her culture she did as a man asked, that's why she has those haunting eyes, it's anger and fear. She was pulled out of we classroom for the shot to get better light and he chose her specifically. It almost ruins it when you read the full story, but the image is what inspired me as a photographer. It was on my wall from the time I was 12 till 28... I also own the original national geographic periodical (somewhere). I might be obsessed. Also the original slide is not quite as saturated, thank the touch up guys for that.

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When that issue came out, the cover made people stop in their tracks. I still remember where I was when I first saw it, to give an idea of how strong an impression it made. I can say that about no other image. San Francisco, Safeway store at Bush and Larkin, magazine rack on the right as you walk through the entrance.
I picked up a copy and just stared at it. It was remarkable to see the reactions of others, stunned and then drawn to it. I of course bought the copy.

I have been interested to see how differently the color has been rendered when printed. Sometimes all the nuance is lost, with green rendered as blue and vice versa. Most amazing was the multiple color in the child's eyes, usually mostly lost. I have seen a photographic print of it which was superb, and the closest rendition on printed matter I have seen of it was a Nikon poster.

Few pictures really affect me. That one did. Not because of its gorgeous color, but because it smacked me with the reality of what it is like to be a child refugee.