lxdude, that picture affected everybody, but especially showed the human face of a country incessantly at war. The emotive effect was not confined to the USA. It was picked up in India, Pakistan, Russia... the earliest form of "going viral" long before the internet happened along to do things like that in a split second. I think NG at once stage produced a large poster for sale of this image? In Doctors surgeries now and then, well-thumbed issues of McCurry's NG (1985?) can still be found, with that colour-perfect, clear-eyed Pashtun girl staring point-blank at the viewer. Even the web pictures are not a patch on the original (and there are some appalling parodies of the famous work). I agree that I too would like to see how the Kodachrome slide has fared over the ensuing three decades. I wonder if McCurry has actually had any printed, for himself, friends or colleagues? He doesn't even look like Steve McCurry, now 63 I think. An interesting website that if anything showed the natural colour of Kodachrome that drew millions of people to it.