This is very interesting to learn!
We will need to see more suppliers demand high quality film stocks if we will ever see this problem corrected.
Very reassuring to see lomography are concerned about this, since most of their film sold is cross processed in C41, its not really surprising that people haven't complained about it.
We may finally see light at the end of the tunnel once and for all with this "yellowing" effect.
The good news is that Wittner are keen to package this film into the 135 format canisters. I will forward to them any feedback from this forum (see post #70).
Since ive heard about this for over 2 years now, after i first heard of the film when photographers were looking for Kodachrome alternatives.
Its supposed to give very close colours to Kodachrome, especially the reds, so thats the main reason i want to shoot this, but even more importantly now that my Ektachrome E100g stocks are running low, i want to use another film.