At $45 a 100ft roll expired roll, you can get 18-20 rolls of 36exp out of it. 18rolls = $2.50 each, 20rolls = $2.25

Freestyle has pre-rolled arista premium at $2.89 a rolls of 36exp. $0.39 to $0.64 more expensive or 18 rolls for $52.02, 20 rolls at $57.80, a difference of $7.02 to $12.80.

Shipping is $5.80 for ebay seller, and $7.99 for freestyle, a difference of $2.19.

Pros of freestyle? fresh dated film with guarantee that it was stored correctly, saves you time from reloading, saves you buying re-loadable cassettes, and very low chances of getting your film scratched (if your reusing often and your felt has deteriorated). Plus you can usually get a 37th frame out, over 18-20 rolls and you got another free half a roll or so.