My generic rule is, if in doubt, just ask for it to get passed around. I just did that on my way to and back from Singapore. I only had 7 rolls of 35mm in a clear plastic bag this time, a few RVP50, an APX100, and a few Tmax+TriX 400.

Unfortunately, when I left home it was a 6pm Friday plane, the line to get through security was a few hundred people long and the girl at the xray machine couldn't leave her post for 5 minutes to get it passed around, so I had to wait a while. They asked nothing except to open the black canisters (most were clear canisters).
Going from there through the International Flight security, the guy (after it had been passed around) pointed to the sign on the machine that said "film safe" and asked if I high any high-speed (which I did, the Tmax 400 and Tri-X 400 I planned to push to 1600 or maybe 3200). Only then I realised that i'd left one of those ei1600 rolls in my EOS 3 (and that got scanned).

Coming back from Singapore they were a lot more used to dealing with film, they just took the bag without a word, wiped everything and put the cloth in an explosives-tester, when it came up negative (no pun) they just gave me the bag and I was on my way.

So does that sounds like more hassle than you can put up with? I didn't mind the wait, I always leave heaps of time and I've travelled a lot so I'm never stressed. Whether it fogs the film or not I don't know (it will really depend on speed), even if it does it's more a case of whether you can live more with the fog or hassle (I chose hassle, even if there's no chance of fog on my RVP50 rolls)