I realise I made a mistake with the notation of the scans. The exposure label should read minus not plus so the last frame is under exposed by 1 stop. I can't change the post now.

@mrred. Yes, I am pleased with the results the tonal range is good and neutral. I scanned as greyscale. Another complete film I developed came out slightly yellow but a short fix in weak hypo cleaned it up. I don't use any halide solvent, every time I have experimented with that I get blown highlights and/or thinner blacks. I have just got some potassium thiocyanate and will experiment with that.

@alessandro. My process is similar to yours but no hypo so developent time is shorter. I got good quite results at 8 mins but found the blacks a little too light and reducing to 6 mins works better. I used Suprol, a P&Q developer, because I had bottle and it is cheap.

I use dichromate bleach at 4g/ltr. Even with this concentration the film leader is almost fully clear in 1 minute. Total time 1' 30". I think the emulsion is quite thin and have found it bleaches very quickly.