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It seems to be the case now that supermarkets here no longer stock film, or if they do it certainly won't be black & white film. Branches of Boots are the most likely places in towns to stock film, now that camera shops are rapidly disappearing. Whether they have black & white I don't know. They certainly used to carry some Ilford & sometimes Kodak. There is a Boots in Bury St Edmunds at 11-13 Cornhill. Why not phone them from London and see what they have? Tel 01284 701516.
Don't rely on Boots having any particular film without checking first....I'm in their large branches in Nottingham and Sheffield fairly regularly and the stocks of any film (rarely more than half-a-dozen B&W) are minimal, at least on the shelves. My two smaller local branches now stock only basic consumer color negative. But perhaps you could ask if they can order some in for you to pick up at a specific time?