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Is there any reason not to make a bigger hole so that the exposures are shorter or am I missing something? f161, according to the sunny 16 rule, would be approx 2 second exposure meaning I'm in reciprocity land even on a sunny day!
Hi Mark,

What film is that? ISO 100 film will need 1 sec. exposure. There's not much point in using high resolution ISO 25/ 50 or 100 film; just use ISO 400 film when shooting pinhole. With 400 film, your exposures will be around 1/4 sec. (@ F161) in bright / sunny days. Since your format is (relatively) small (I do 4x5 pinholes), you'd better opt for the sharpest possible result. Pinhole doesn't look that nice to me for smaller formats, but that's highly subjective...