And..... Now for the "Word" from The fine folks at Lomography about their slide film being good, tested, working fine.

The LomoGraphy folks take this matter quite seriously and with great concern, they show their iron clad commitment to supplying great film.

Here are two emails from Georg Thaler in Vienna:

On 6/19/2013 2:16 PM, Georg Thaler wrote:

Hi Steven,

This is Georg, from Lomography Vienna, nice to meet you! I'm responsible for the film purchasing here at Lomography’s headquarters. Thanks for reporting this issue to us.

Frankly spoken, the ‘yellow’ problem you describe in your Email when having our Xpro films processed in E-6 is new to me. Plenty of our clients are using this films and currently chasing us for resupply as we are low on stock (or sold out) at the moment. Anyways, to be on the safe side we will do some spot tests of our Xpro stock (both types 135 & 120 film) and we will inform you about the outcome. If the outcome is as yellow as you describe, we will of course inform our customers.

Hope you understand that I cannot disclose the source of our color slide film as this is against our company's policy. I will do my very best to make sure that no defective slide film batches can reach mass market.

Should you have any further requests, please do not hesitate to get back to me.

Thank you!

Best Regards,


Georg Thaler

Product Management

International Marketing & Communication

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Lomographische AG

Hollergasse 41

1150 Vienna - Austria

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Hello Steven

Thanks for your feedback! It’s fine for us to post our comment on APUG.

As you can imagine it’s not getting easier to get good slide film, bit we are trying our best here to supply fine material. And as mentioned by you, there are different batches out there on market, we can only find out any issues by doing spot tests. I’ve already arranged the tests, we should have a better picture about this very soon. All our films are stored properly, you can assume that inappropriate stock keeping is not an issue with us. Our customers process the Xpro more often in C-41 but we also get plenty of positive feedback when processed in E-6, so the ‘yellow problem’ was quite new to me. Anyway, we are thankful for any feedback and if there is anything we can do to improve our customer’s satisfaction, we will go for it!

Reg. our new LomoChrome – we are currently finishing the films with full speed and everything is on track for delivery in July as stated in our communication. We also cannot wait to get the more of this special film. ;-)

Thank you & Best Regards from Vienna