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Thank you very much for the quick replies.

How do I know if 5ml is not enough, I mean how do I see that on the negs?

I have been considering stand or semi-stand with HC-110 but haven't found good descriptions on how to do that, as in how much to agitate at the beginning and halfway (if any). I guess that could be an alternative when using higher dilutions?

Sorry for the rookie questions. I appreciate your help
Rookie questions are welcome!

I never use less than 6 ml concentrate per 135-36/120 roll. In most cases, 5 ml concentrate per roll probably will work fine, but if you happen to have a bunch of rolls that will end up being quite dense (think high-key portraits in the snow) you may end up exhausting the developer before development is complete.

By the way, the 6 ml per roll calculation is based on Kodak's capacity recommendations (and a little math).

Also, the 6 ml per roll is based on 135-36 rolls, so if your rolls are shorter, the calculations change.

As for stand and semi-stand developing:

1) I don't use it;
2) One of the reasons to use it is to benefit from compensating effects, which most often result when developer does exhaust locally - so the capacity issues are probably made more complex; and
3) I don't recommend doing it, unless and until you are experienced with regular developing.

I wish you good luck, and hope this helps.