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Holy crap Shawn, I personally know how that feels, had both my shoulders rebuilt, my left was the worse(result of a dog attack). Oh ya, I'm left handed and learning to do everything right handed was interresting to say the least.
Get well soon, and as to the cameras, they'll show up(they always eventually do), and try not to rely on the meds, you'll regret it later. I found that ice packs work better than drugs.
Thanks, Rick. The first week as absolutely awful, mainly because of the meds. Great for the pain, but upended my entire being in every other way. I had to get off them totally, and resorted to OTC and ice. Three PT sessions now, and doing much better. Thank heavens for one-handed-do-everything-automatic cameras! Glad I still had one of those.

About your rebuilt shoulders - do you mean good as new? Or do we never rid ourselves completely of the discomfort?