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Thanks, Rick. The first week as absolutely awful, mainly because of the meds. Great for the pain, but upended my entire being in every other way. I had to get off them totally, and resorted to OTC and ice. Three PT sessions now, and doing much better. Thank heavens for one-handed-do-everything-automatic cameras! Glad I still had one of those.

About your rebuilt shoulders - do you mean good as new? Or do we never rid ourselves completely of the discomfort?
Good as it's ever gonna get, no such thing as good as new at my age. The neighbors dog tore me up pretty badly, tore the bicep completely loose from my arm, tore the rotator cuff, tore the labrum head. I am wired, stapled, and stitched with bailing wire. It's been nearly five years since the surgery, and I still can't sleep on my left side, it causes me wake up in pain. Oh, and my wonderful neighbor that owned the mutt--- still hasn't made good on paying the medical expenses, and tells everyone that I'm "victimizing him" because of the law suit(his dog was loose in my yard when it attacked me). However, life gets better. It takes a long time to rehab from a shoulder injury. My orthopaed advised me that it's the worst to come back from, you HAVE to use the joint or loose the use altogether.