I'm 3 score and 3 (that translates to 63 for the digitally impaired) and I've been shooting 35mm since I was 16. Shoot 120 on Yashica Mat 124G since I was 23.
Burk & James "Rembrandt"Portrait View 4x5 large format since I was 30.

Most of my 120 is now on my Bronica ETRSi kit that includes 50, 75, 150, and 250mm lenses (Full kit bought piece by piece over the last 8-10 mo.

My 35mm shooting is now mostly on Nikon N90s & 24-105 Zoom
I do still use my Minoltas (Dynax 7000i, SRT101, X570, XG-1 & XG-M), my Pentax Spotmatic and Yashica Electro 35. I Also have a N90 without the "s" I bought to get the MF-26 back to put on the N90s! N90 still works fine with back from the "s".

Did I mention I have a (EEK!) Sony A-100 digital that uses my Minolta auto focus lenses? It is no longer my "out and about" choice.

Regards and happy (camera) shooting