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Since the CR200 I bought from Macodirect was labeled AGFA/Rollei CR200 on the can, and "Lomography X-Pro/Slide" on the backing paper/wrapping tape I think this point is moot.
I find it funny that there's such a universal code of nondisclosure when films are private-labelled, even though the information is almost always an "open secret" and often overtly revealed like this. I mean, I could understand if the agreements were actually taken seriously throughout---but when you have this sort of dual labelling on the product itself, what is the point supposed to be?

Anyway, it would be interesting to know if the Lomography folks see any prospect of a slower-speed version of their film. Leaving aside any explicit identification of the source, maybe you can just tell them "I looked at the film and I thought it would look even better if there were a version that was ASA 50, wink wink nudge nudge"...