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Yep, The Lomography folks don't really want to say where their film comes from but once you look at the product it is quite obvious of its origin.

It still might be a crap shoot if your rolls are going to be OK seeing that they are indeed from Maco/Rollei, probably be a good idea to shoot and develop just one to see how it turns out, if it is good and the rest of them have the same lot number they most likely will be good as well.

Based on what we have learned so far it would seem the Maco/Rollei product is the one that is risky.....

Now it begs the question if the "yellow" film was that that sat on dealer shelves far too long......

It is a good thing the Lomography folks are looking into this "Yellow" problem, their pride in the product is really good so we can count on them for good slide film
Yes thats good news that Lomography are looking into it, i sure as hell wont be buying the Rollei product until there is solid evidence its sorted, we can be assured that Wittner-Cinetec's product is reliable, and if lomography stand by theirs thats also good news.

I am going to be shooting some of Wittner's film in the next month or so, so i will keep everyone updated and post sample shots here.