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So Ian, it was my understanding that for a given film, fine grain developers essentially make a slightly softer images than high sharpness developers. For example that XTol used straight would produce finer grain than XTol at 1:4 because at 1:4 it has less solvent effect to smooth the edges. Am I off in that thinking?
It's a balance, Xtol at Full strength and replenished gives the best all round qualities in terms of fine grain, sharpness and tonality, better than fresh unused Xtol which is still good but I'd use at 1+2 for the best balkance if used dilute. I used to do that with ID-11/D76.

If I went for a true fine grain developer like Perceptol or Microdol-X I'd again use at 1+2 and that combination does give the best balance of speed, sharpness, fine grain and tonality. I have a friend who uses Perceptol like this.

So yes in the example you gave above you're right but I was referring to the differences between a fine grain developer like Perceptol and a standard like ID-11/D76.