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At the time being, I am using a Beseler 23CII with a color head.

I have been thinking about just going back to the B22 since I don't print color anymore and my darkroom has downsized to a spare bathroom now.
If I go back to the B22, I'll have to support the column to keep the vibration down and help support it. I do like printing large and the B22XL would ( I think) suffice.
Richard: For your circumstances, I would keep using a 23C if you leave it set up all the time. This would be better than having to support the B22.

Just my opinion, of course. I currently am using two Beseler 4x5s, one with a condenser, and the other with a dichroic head. I also own an Omega D5, and 3 Omega B22s, but the Omegas are all stored. The only one of those 6 I've ever had vibration issues with is the D5. It's a big tuning fork!

The B22, even the XL, didn't ever seem to be a problem. YMMV

Also, (and you probably know this), you can print black and white with a color head.