Loren / Mike,

Glad the prints made their way to you safely, never sure these days with Canada Post.

The images were taken over the course of about twenty comical minutes, for my wife at least, as I tried to manage changing cameras / lenses and loading / unloading them into my bag while standing in the water (no I'm not smart enough to walk the hundred feet to the dry beach). My wife has laughed at me a number of times when she finds me fascinated by the smallest things. She told me later that I had a number of curious onlookers as I stood in the water just staring at the waves.

Yes, I was fascinated by the different patterns and textures in the water / sand and tried to capture as many different versions as I could. There was a fourth image that wanted to print as part of the set, but it had an unfortunate lens flare in exactly the wrong spot.

I'm not sure if the matting technique has a name or not, I can't remember where I first saw it, but I really like the way it looks too.

Anyway, glad you enjoy them, sorry again for being so late.