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Richard: For your circumstances, I would keep using a 23C if you leave it set up all the time. This would be better than having to support the B22.

Just my opinion, of course. I currently am using two Beseler 4x5s, one with a condenser, and the other with a dichroic head. I also own an Omega D5, and 3 Omega B22s, but the Omegas are all stored. The only one of those 6 I've ever had vibration issues with is the D5. It's a big tuning fork!

The B22, even the XL, didn't ever seem to be a problem. YMMV

Also, (and you probably know this), you can print black and white with a color head.

Hey David
Just a little history. My first enlarger in the 60's was the B22 in a bedroom closet. Man, that was tight. Life went on and after a couple of moves, I had a big darkroom in a basement. In the 80's, I had a studio and a color lab. Fully automated (roller transport, Durst printers) that I printed for mine and other studios that was fairly local to me. Finally shut the lab down after some retired and others changing over to digital.
Now I am retired and like to try different things. I'll probably keep using the 23C with the Dichroic head but still in my mind I want to experiment a little with the B22XL. It wouldn't be much trouble to swap out but I don't have the room for 2 enlargers.

Lots of different ones are being used that have posted so far. Very interesting.