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>> For short: Use Rodinal at 16C, with longer development time. The factor is around 1.6.
> How do you agitate?

I gave the factor for longer dev time, because you may use your ususl agitation scheme. Simply multiply the time for 20 with 1.6.

I agitate continuously.
For how long? How many times per minute?

For eg, @mono suggests:

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Go with 1:50 and lower temperatures.
HP5+, 400 ASA, 23 min at 16 C.
There is an article (http://home.arcor.de/piu58/fotoweb/a...ze/Rodinal.pdf) about Rodinal development with lower temperatures, but only in German.

What kind of agitation would one use?

X sec continious initial, then x sec every y minute?