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I would like to use Dilution E with my Tri-X exposed at 400. Dilution E is explained at the Covington site as follows:

Dilution SYRUP 1rl steel tank 240ml 1rl plastic tank 300ml 2rls steel tank 480ml 2rls plastic tank 600ml
E (1:47) 5 mL 6.3mL 10mL 12.5mL

I have a steel Kindermann 5-roll tank which holds (with spirals submerged, which is how I assume I should measure) 1030ml. Approximately how much HC-110 should I use when developing five rolls in this tank using Dilution E?

Edit (to prevent people thinking I'm totally mathematically inept): I would have thought it would be a total of 21ml for five rolls but the reason for my question is I read somewhere that one needs 6ml per roll which the above doesn't work out to be.

Many thanks for your help
Add 6ml x 5 of concentrate to a jug and fill it up to 1030ml. Process your film.
Those numbered dilutions (A, B, E, etc) were to try and provide some 'time uniformity' with some processing systems. You are correct in thinking that you cannot use dilution "E" because you tank is too small.