I've dealt with quite a few sellers on here and all transactions have been excellent, items as described, quick shipping, packed well, good communication, good deals! etc. etc. All transactions were through PayPal. Just wanted to give everyone a shout out and thank you.

Item: Horizon 202 camera
Seller: thebanana

Items: Yashica EE & PnS for parts/repair
Seller: StoneNYC

Item: Kodak 100GX 120 film
Seller: Quinten

Item: Angenieux 35mm f/2.5 lens for Exa
Seller: illumiquest

Item: Fuji Sensia & Kodak Elite Chrome 35mm film
Seller: ann

Item: Olympus 35SP camera
Seller: jsouther

Item: ClearFile slide archival pages and various camera tools
Seller: CollinB

Item: Agfa RS 1000 35mm film
Seller: tjaded

Item: JOBO developing tanks
Seller: randyB

Item: Voigtlander Prominent (for repair) & Nokon 50mm f/1.5
Seller: alexandre costa

Item: Blender 120 Mini
Seller: FM2N

Item: Huge lot of 35mm B&W film
Seller: belaire

Item: Mamiya Six V
Seller: ausphoto

Item: Slide mounts for Stereo Realist photos
Seller: bjsmith7474

Item: Antique quarter plate cameras
Seller: Whiteymorange