I've ordered the Tri X that a fellow member told us of, and I've found my Watson loader. Somewhere I also have a Lloyd. A couple questions: When last I loaded film, IIRC only metal cassettes were available. Are the plastic variety preferable, or the metal? Also, back in the day any local camera store could probably provide cannisters free or at a nominal cost. I'd like to load up most or all of the film, and refrigerate the cassettes, but not without cannisters! Any one seen a source?

I seem to recall getting some lengthwise scratches with film loaded with the Watson, this was on Ektachrome I'd loaded for a European trip. I was NOT a happy camper. Any suggestions? The scratches weren't perfectly straight as I would expect from a camera film gate problem; I wonder if jostling the loader while loading might cause this. Would buying the loader from Freestyle, Bobinquick, be a real improvement?

Many thanks for any ideas! This forum is a wonderful resource.