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I have used both metal and plastic cassettes. There was only one time when there was a problem and that was with a plastic cassette. The end cap began to untwist as the camera was being loaded. Never any problems with metal cassettes. At one time Kodak sold the best reloadable metal cassettes. The metal was quite sturdy. Today's reloadable cassettes, both plastic and metal, are a bit flimsy. Before you buy a lot of any brand see if you check their quality. As with all things you get what you pay for.
Thanks for the info. I remember using Kodak cassettes, until they went to what they called "staked" end caps. Grrrrr.... BTW, I did find a source for canisters: FilmCanistersForSale.com They have them in black, clear, etc, at .39 each, plus shipping, of course. Seems that the crafty sorts really like them, make rockets, maybe even antipersonnel devices out of them. Just kidding about the antipersonnel devices, but not the rockets.