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If you like that look and do not want to see as much grain, use thornton. If the chems are not found locally, B&H will ship internationally.
Thornton is a high acutance developer, especially when used standing. Being 2 step developer the dev times are short enough not to have any of the typical streaking associated with stand. The recipe is posted on this site.
By "Thornton" you mean the two-bath developer called DiXactol = stain developer from Barry Thornton?
See: http://www.barrythornton.com and http://www.apug.org/forums/forum223/...-two-bath.html and http://www.monochromephotography.com...920_83800.html and http://www.awh-imaging.co.uk/barrythornton/dixactol.htm.

One of the developers on my list to try sometimes.