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I have a T model and 3.5F too. I bought a Epson V600 film scanner and does a awesome job on scanning 120 negs. Go to Flikr and punch in ToddB4 and look at some of my street photography. All done with either with T or 3.5f camera. I have NO desire to get a DSLR after the first roll I shot with these cameras.

I looked at the Epson Scanners at Amazon. The V 500 is a little cheaper, but I don't know if it is as good as the V600. The DR on both of them is the same and they both have the digital ice. I don't want to spend more for the V 700. I thought there was a V 650, but I guess I don't remember right.
Is the light for transparencies and negatives built into the lid of the V 600?