Here is the latest from Georg Thaler from Lomography in Vienna, They are finishing their newest batch of 35mm and 120 ASA 200 color slide film "X-Pro Slide 200"

Hi Steven

Thanks for your reply.

We are about to kick off finishing process for new 135 and 120 X-Pro film very soon, I’m expecting to have new stock ready for the market within some weeks, I’m afraid I cannot give you a very accurate date right now. Reg. your request where we pack those films – I cannot disclose detailed info, but let me tell you we are doing this with a very close fellow company, it’s more or less like our own factory.

I will get back to you reg. the supposed ‘yellow’ problem soon, our staff in all of our regions has already started with the tests.

Thank you very much & Have a nice weekend!!

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lomographic society international

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1150 vienna