FS: Wehman 8x10 Camera

I have a Wehman 8x10 camera in beautiful condition for sale. This camera was only used very lightly and aside from some very minor paint wear, is in superb condition. All the controls function perfectly and smoothly. The camera comes with 4 assorted phenolic resin lens boards, a brand new plexiglass ground glass, and a glass ground glass. The bellows is of amazing quality and in perfect condition.

This is a durable very lightweight 8x10 camera that was designed and built by Bruce Wehman. I found this camera to be very well thought out and intelligently designed. A compact lens in a a Copal #1 or smaller shutter can be folded up within the camera. The front bed can be removed and this becomes an ultra lightweight camera. With a small 240mm or 300mm lens and the front bed removed, and 2 or 3 holders, this becomes a very compact and lightweight kit for carrying long distances.

The reason I'm selling is I have more 8x10 cameras than I can use and I'd still enjoy trying some other ones. Lens boards and other accessories can still be purchased from Bruce Wehman, although sadly, he no longer makes his fine cameras. He's very pleasant and easy to deal with, should you need anything.

I'm completely serious about the packing job I do. The camera will be very thoroughly packed and fully insured. International shipping is fine and I ship via Global Express Mail. I accept paypal, bank transfer, or USPS money orders. Thanks for looking.