I have used the old Kalt metal cassettes, the AP black plastic cassettes, and re-used from buying standard preloaded film, and 1hr photo discards.

The metal ones I would rank the worst over time, the ends get loose easily when you pop them off to unload, but are very nice new. The black plastic screw on caps are very good, no problems with them, but the felt ends I feel could be better. The reusing discards strategy is great if you are reusing the films you have personally shot only once, the felt is always in good condition. If getting them from a photolab I check each one, and run a post-it through it to clean them. If I notice long fibers coming out, I toss it as well. Name brand cassettes from Kodak, Fuji, and Ilford are the best ones, then instant camera disposable cassettes (the ones with ratcheted spindles) are next and the worst are the lomo types, these have been already rerolled at least once and many have other labeling under their logo stickers, and the felt is usually breaking apart, i dont use these.

Also for bulk loaders, I use a few Aldens, they are nice thick and sturdy with good weight. No felt traps, and when closed, the film gate is rotated open so no film is dragged through a small opening. Easy as pie to use, set the number to 40 to leave room for leader and crank away.