thanks! I will call and discuss this over the phone.

I checked the other speeds and it is really hard to tell if they are working correctly so I am going to assume that they are not. They sound somewhat similar but not consistent for the specified speed. I might talk to a contax repair person to see how much a CLA would be incase this is a sign of something worse.

Overall, I like the camera and the build is exquisite. The viewfinder is fine and the patch bright and contrasty but more importantly I quite like the ergonomics.

My debate is whether I should enter the Contax system or get into the Nikon RF system. Ofcourse that is discussed all over the internet and depends in how vast of a system I intend on building...I wanted to try it out for the heck of it and I warmed up to the ergonomics quickly. I don't think it is better than the M per se but certainly different...