Hi Jose. Personally, I'd rather see the negative rather than the print. What kind of holder are you using and what type of back do you have on your Technika. It might be something really basic like dust or dirt trapped in the rail as was suggested, but there's other things to look at.

First check to make sure the holder is sliding into the back properly AND that once inserted, it lays perfectly flat and is tight in the back. Check the springs for looseness and make sure nothing is bent or sprung improperly.

Are you sure your film box / packet didn't leak before or while you were loading? Take some "unexposed" film, a couple of sheets from the top and bottom of the same pack and develop them. Look at the negs and see what you have. If it's streaked, there's your answer. Your film is fogged. This wouldn't be uncommon, especially if it was through an airport scanner recently and is even lower speed film like ISO 100, not just the faster films like 400 ISO.

If that's not it, get a really bright flashlight, take the camera into a very dark room and with the back removed, check for leaks in your bellows regular or bag. They develop light leaks. If you can see light through them, there's your problem.

Keep us in the loop and let us know how you're progressing.