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I have a Mamyia Universal with both 65 and 50mm lens. Overall the Fuji is newer, the Mamyia requires the use of vewfinder for wide angle, and the Fuji has a intergrated light meter, the Mamyia interchangeable backs. I would judge the Fuji to have an edge in lens quaility.
we are lucky enough to have a Super 23 & Universal outift with 50mm, 75mm & f2.8 100mm lenses + also more recently a Fuji GSW690 III (65mm) & GW690 III (90mm) - the Fuji beats the Mamiya Press outfit hands down - it's so much more fluid to use on location & optically superior. but will keep the Mamiya breezeblock camera for tiltshifts & fuji polaroids.