If you haven't settled on an outfit to look at this, I highly recommend the repair guys at KEH in Atlanta. I regularly sent my 35mm gear to them, bodies and lenses, for periodic routine maintenance. They do a great job and in a timely fashion. Lately though they've gone towards a flat rate system which I don't think may be so reasonably priced. http://www.keh.com/Repair-Center.aspx

I agree and would not attempt to do this on your own, working without a net. Lube placed in the wrong place can really mess up a lens. So can the wrong lube in the wrong place. Also it often takes some very specialized tools for everything from spring lifters/removers to pliers to screwdrivers. And if you improvise those, you might be doomed. Send it to someone who knows what they're doing especially since you got a fair price on the rig.
Take it light ;>)