Hi all,

I'm in the midst of trying to save up for a rangefinder so I have some Nikon stuff I'd like to sell.


Nikon MB21 battery grip. In pretty good condition and was attached to my Nikon F4 before switching over to the smaller battery grip. $80 (USD) + shipping.


Nikon F801s. This camera is in almost new condition (a few scratches on the base but there's still a protective sticker attached to the bottom!). I have barely used it myself as I switched over to the Nikon F90x soon after. Looking for $60 USD + shipping. Serial No. 3260091


Nikon MD4 motor drive (for the Nikon F3). It's in great working condition and looks ALMOST new. Came with my Nikon F3hp but I don't use it so figure someone else could. The condition of this motor drive is impeccable. Just need to make sure the battery tray is shut tight. Great accessory but someone else can use it $50 + Shipping


Nikon 35mm F2 Ai (Ai-S?) lens. The "5.6" number is showing as white. Bought this a year ago and has been a great performer for what I've needed it to do (weddings) but have since replaced with another lens so this is just my backup. Asking $200 USD + shipping.