There are some good points discussed here.

When I bench a film, I get as close as I can with a non hypo'ed developer. This goes as far as using a 1:1 mixture of dektol. I get it close, and then start adding various levels of hypo. This is also why I use a stock solution of hypo and only add it at development time; the optimum levels are different with each film and I don't like to stick with one film. The thing is, hypo is a general solvent. It will remove and lower your dmax too. The right amount is important and not developing enough is counter productive. using a weaker developer (like rodinal, d76, ..etc) will yield "thin chromes" or be too fogged or just too expensive on developer use.

Sometimes I use a selenium toner for a final bath. This helps thicken the image when you can't build up enough silver. Most traditional processes to "fix" negs still apply.

Ideally, you want a developer with ph 10 or greater to give you the activity you need. What you need to develop negs well is not what you need to develop chromes well. I have been playing with some concoctions targeting this. So far it's good, but dektol seems to get the best results for me.